The Suidlanders had 200 Police spies in it… What Gustav Muller said… The Boeremag connection

[This is a news article from news24 which is one of the biggest mass media organisations in SA. It quotes from the City Press which is a well established black newspaper. This article is from 2010. In this article you’ll see some really interesting information including quotes from Gustav Muller the leader. This makes for very interesting reading.

Keep in mind that these things are also intended to demoralise whites. But there is enough meat here to indicate some really weird stuff.

Then there’s the whole Boeremag connection. Notice how the activities of the “Suidlander type” clowns in the Boeremag, which resulted in bombs, etc – caused the Police to then focus their attention on the Suidlanders itself.

In this story you will see how Afrikaners working for the Police spied on the Suidlanders and infiltrated them.

We cannot make any assumptions now in 2018 as to whether the situation in the Suidlanders is better or worse.

NB: There is something that I may have posted in recent years. It has to do with the amount of money the South African Govt spends on spying on the White Right. It is a massive amount of money. I can’t remember whether its something like 80% of their spying is focused on spying on the white right exclusively. Make no mistake the black Govt is deathly afraid the whites will rise up and catch them off guard. Jan]

Far right riddled with spies

2010-06-27 12:44

The Suidlanders, a far right-wing organisation which believesblacks are going to try to wipe out whites, has been deeply infiltrated by the

SAPS’s Crime Intelligence Unit.

Its leader, Gustav Müller, is surrounded by police agents and hehas been made “a police project”.

So says a former confidant of Müller’s who admitted to City Pressthis week that he is a police agent instructed by his handler, a Crime

Intelligence colonel, to infiltrate Suidlanders. He says the police are spending

­millions on investigating the inner workings of the group.

City Press can also disclose that Müller is a bankrupt businessmanowing hundreds of thousands of rands and with no fewer than three judgments for

debt against him.

City Press has numerous intelligence reports on the Suidlanderswhich police agent Danie Odendaal gave his handlers.

The reports detail efforts

by some Suidlanders to procure and stockpile weapons.

Odendaal says he has worked for Crime Intelligence for the past 15years, investigating – among other things – the smuggling of weapons. He

currently lives in Ireland.

Despite Odendaal being a police agent, he suggested that theSuidlanders start a civil war and commit acts of terror against blacks.

The Suidlanders and Müller came to the fore recently when Müllerunveiled an emergency plan for whites to withdraw to farms for safety after the

death of former president Nelson Mandela.

Odendaal told City Press:

» He was instructed in 2002 by his handler, a senior officer whosename is known to City Press, to befriend Müller and infiltrate, build up and

recruit more agents for Suidland-Aksie, Suidlanders’ forerunner.

He went to see

Müller on his Free State farm near Villiers and ­befriended him.

» His instructions came shortly after the arrest of Boeremagmembers who allegedly plotted to topple the government.

Police were worried

about more Boeremag sympathisers stockpiling weapons and planning terror attacks

and wanted to use Suidland-Aksie to gather ­intelligence on right-wingers.

» He established more than 200 police informants in Suidlanders.“The police spent several millions. I got a salary and a bonus. All the other

agents also had to be paid.”

» He and other Suidlanders at one stage hid weapons on a farm nearGreylingstad in Mpumalanga.

» He tried to convince Müller to assassinate President Jacob Zumaduring one of Zuma’s court appearances, to precipitate civil war.

» Crime Intelligence channelled money to Müller via Odendaal tokeep him going so that they could monitor him.

In an interview this week Müller said the police had an “obsession”with the Suidlanders and “it may be” that there were 200 or more agents in the


Müller said he had always suspected Odendaal of being a policeagent.

“It is usually the one closest to you that will bite you the hardest,” he


“I know within a day or two whether someone who has spoken to me isregistered or not, because we are a big organisation and we have connections.

National Intelligence, Crime Intelligence … there is nowhere I don’t have


Müller said Odendaal played no leadership role and had no insightinto the group’s “direction”.

A former friend of Odendaal and Müller, Gauteng horse trainerBarend Botes said, however, that “Danie told (Müller) what to do. Everything

that came out of Gustav’s mouth was planted by Danie.”

Müller rejected allegations that the Suidlanders wanted to collectweapons and said he rejected any form of violence or insurrection.

Müller said Odendaal did indeed suggest that they assassinate Zuma,but “I didn’t fall for such things. It was never serious.”

City Press has military strategy documents that Odendaal sent toMüller in which he pleads for civil war and warns that “the k***ir has a

bloodthirstiness in him that you will only stop by making sure that if you have

started you won’t stop”.

Müller said about Odendaal: “(An informant) writes reports in sucha way that the handler will pay him… They kick up dust to ensure money and



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