The South Was Right: America has just voted for a Communist: What a Cold War Veteran says…


[I agree with the Cold War veteran. I also think all whites, everywhere are having it too easy and people no longer understand that there is an enemy within and also enemies without. Of course, if the West had not fought the Germans and Hitler, then there would have been no need for the Cold War, which was a disaster for us whites in Africa. But be that as it may. Here are some comments with some validity. We need white nation states with military forces and it's time to stop a lot of this (((Liberal))) infiltration and (((Liberal))) subversion. The enemy within, needs to be evicted. Jan]

I have a certificate hanging on my wall thanking me for serving in the armed forces during the cold war. It is signed by the Secretary of Defense. It gives the dates of the cold war as September 2, 1945, thru Dec 26, 1991. Several generations gave up their youth fighting communism. Many lost their lives. All gave their time to service when they should have been enjoying life as a young adult. Now, what angers me is this country has just voted itself communist. I just cannot believe the things that are going on in this country today. The young people of today have had it too easy. We need to bring back mandatory ROTC (High School and College). We need to bring back the draft. Everyone needs to serve the country. If the young people are unable to serve in the military, let them pick up trash on the interstate for two years. Let them clean the streets in the slums for two years. Let them plant trees for two years. Teach American history in the schools. Whip their bottoms when they misbehave. Take their phones away from them. Make them go to church. Make the boy scouts boys and the girl scouts girls. Raise the voting age back to 21 (maybe 25). I understand the 18 idea, they may be physically mature at 18 but they are just not mentally mature at 18 (have you tried to have a conversation with one of them?). Half of this country is sick and they want to force their Godless communism on the other half (I guess this sounds like I want to force my beliefs on them). The south was right!
Magna est verias, et prevalebt
(Great is the truth and it will prevail)

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