The Roca Report: The Portuguese man from Mozambique who tried to warn White South Africans

[While I’m on the topic of newsletters that I obtained in the days before the Internet and during the early Internet, The Aida Parker Newsletter was being raved about, but a much smaller newsletter existed called: Roca Report. You won’t find any mention of it anywhere. I might have one copy I think. I need to go digging.

I don’t know the name of the man who wrote it but over the years I liked the Roca Report more than Aida Parker’s newsletter. It was smaller, clearly had less funding, but it was concise and filled with EXCELLENT analyses of what was going on, often by simply analysing the mass media of South Africa (as intelligence people often do).

I liked the Roca Report a lot and I found it much more direct and to the point.

The best I could discover was that the author was a Portuguese man from Mozambique who like all the other Portuguese had fled when communism came. He wrote excellent analyses on the ANC and the communists of South Africa. But in keeping with those times and Conservatives, he never mentioned the Jew. Of all the newsletters in South Africa, I came to hold the Roca Report in the highest regard. According to the scant information I have it was produced by this Portuguese man who was living in Pretoria.

He did hit utmost to warn us against the ANC and the communists. I had a lot of respect for the Roca Report.

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