The Rich Jews are leaving town and preparing their hideouts on islands and other continents

[This is an email I got from one of my American supporters. This stuff is true and I think we should keep an eye on what these Jewish billionaire filth get up to and where they intend to hide with all the money they got out of Western civilisation at the expense, and while having nothing but contempt, for the common White man or woman. Jan]

Here’s what the American wrote:
Lots of billionaire jews have set up elaborate retreats in Paraguay., Uruguay, New Zealand, Hawaii, and other semi-remote areas. Zuckerberg chose a Hawaian island. They are already set up for
a fast move. I would hope Whitey is smart enough to take care of jew business before
they make their escape, but I doubt it. Some of these retreats are extremely luxurious
and well stocked for the long haul.

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