The Republican Party’s Billions of Dollars – The Jewish & Super-Elite’s HIDDEN Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars?

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[A comment from an American reader when I mentioned that Trump is raising millions of dollars to deal with the election fraud. The reader is most probably right about the wealth of the Republican party, and probably both parties I would guess. I have wondered how much money the Jews and the elite super-rich scum and everyone has stashed away. There is a fascinating documentary I watched, which I still need to add a commentary to, about $50 trillion being stashed away by the British alone. Then you have the Jewish Rothschild filth, who are worth TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, but it's all hidden away in PRIVATE companies, so that nobody sees it. The wealthy only disclose their money in public companies, and then all the profits are siphoned off and hidden away. 

I have pondered, just how much money is actually hidden away that the common white man of the western world has no clue about. If the British alone could gather $50 trillion … and then went to hide it in their "off shore banking empire" … then I wonder whether another $50 trillion or $100 trillion or more isn't hidden elsewhere?
My own suspicion is that vast amounts of wealth are owned by the West, and the Elite along with the Jews must have unimaginable sums of money hidden away … 
Meanwhile the common person runs around living from paycheck to paycheck AND he still pays the major portion of TAXES and he still donates … to everyone … even the Third World. 


div>I suspect the common man/woman is getting more screwed than they know. Jan]

Here is the comments about the Republican party’s hidden money:

6:25 p.m., Monday Nov. 9

Jimi James LaMont wrote:

“I see Trump is raising tens of millions for lawsuits.”

If you are stupid enough to sucker for this you DESERVE getting screwed !! Any money you throw away on this is money down the Jewish rabbit hole. DON’T fall for it ! The Republican Party is sitting on Billions of dollars stashed away already !!

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