The REAL REASON for WW2 was ECONOMIC & nothing else! – NOT Democracy, NOT Poland, etc!


Today I decided to chat to one of my ex-SA friends about WW2. He is a 100% believer in the lying Jewish narrative about WW2. He’s also very combative and argumentative. He doesn’t just accept anything easily. (I’m no different myself). He also can’t understand why I believe in NAZISM as a SYSTEM, and why I support it as fervently as I do.

So I tried a certain approach today. I told him that I will present some very straight forward stuff, which he can accept or reject or mull over at a certain date. He was really defensive and keen to par everything I said. So when I told him he could accept or reject it at his leisure, that calmed him down. I told him I just want to be given a chance to say what I want to say, and he can reject it if he wishes. He accepted that.

He had already begun with his counter-arguments that Hitler had attacked other countries, etc.

I told him that WW2 was nothing more than a financial war that was critical to the British because Hitler was extremely successful in how he ran his economy. I went into detail with issues that I’ve NOT put on History Reviewed yet. I explained to him that in this modern world we are obsessed with Foreign Investment and “Capital”. I explained how Hitler revived Germany’s economy WITHOUT JEWISH BANKERS. I went into detail on this issue.

I also drew parallels between Hitler’s economy and Rhodesia’s economy. We were banned from global trade. Yet, with the aid of South Africa and the Portuguese we survived and did great. We did not need foreign money. 

I told him that WW2 had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the “evil of NAZI ideology”. It was in fact about the MASSIVE SUCCESS of the NAZI economic achievements! At the core, it was not that NAZI ideology was “evil”, but that NAZI ideology was SUPER SUCCESSFUL and would have totally revolutionised the world and the Jews would have ended up on skid row.

I emphasised, continuously, that NAZISM cannot be equated with Communism, which is a Jewish lie I also believed for long as a dumb conservative. I told him that Hitler did NOT nationalise businesses and did not seize the economy the way the commies did. I explained that Hitler only shut down Jewish monopolies and oligopolies which presented unfair competition to the farmers and the shopkeepers. I pointed out how Krupp and other big and small German businesses worked with the Govt during WW2, in a manner no different to the way the US Govt works with its military-industrial complex today. 

I did not get onto the topic of why the USA went to war. That is also economic and conquest and a chance to replace Europe as the world’s leading power. America went to war for economic and empire reasons, which we are all now paying the price for, and its killing our race. But I didn’t get into that topic with him.

I told him things I’m sure he’s never heard before. In fact, some of it can’t be found on the Internet.

When I told him these things he pointed out that Gaddafi and JFK had also broken free of banks and they both most likely paid for it with their lives.

I also told him how the Jews had tried to bribe Hitler.

He did not have a problem with what I explained to him and how I answered his questions.

I told him that all the reasons we are given for WW2 (and for WW1), are all bogus actually. Neither Britain, nor France nor the USA went to war for some sort of principle. These so-called principles are all FAKE. The real reasons are very different and you won’t find them in any history books.

To my amazement he accepted all my points. He came forward with one of his own. He said he had studied the Marshall Plan at the end of WW2. He told me that he had concluded that the Germans did not need the Marshall plan and that they were already fixing Germany, by themselves. This was new for me. Its something that interests me.

I have posted an article about the NAZI Economic System before. You can read about it here: 5 Charts: The Third Reich’s Economic miracle – My Analysis & Comments

The above is not complete. But it will give you some insight into what Hitler did.

NB: It is also WRONG to assume that Hitler needed bankers or Jewish money to fix Germany. The real secret is that Hitler did everything without needing the Jews or their bankers. If Hitler had been left alone, the entire world would have realised that they did not need Jewish banking and money to run a country. This is also very likely the only reason that JFK was actually killed by the Jews.

In short, WW2 was to destroy Germany because Germany would have been an economic super-power and Germany would have unleashed a worldwide trend that would have destroyed the Jewish grip on world trade. Britain would have lost out big time as well. Germany and its European allies would have been the world’s great economic, industrial and scientific super-power. That is why Hitler had to be SMASHED!


4 thoughts on “The REAL REASON for WW2 was ECONOMIC & nothing else! – NOT Democracy, NOT Poland, etc!

  • 18th November 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Good commentary, Jan
    In fact Hitler’s economic strategies were two-fold ; to create debt-free state money bound to the value of labour and public works, (in direct and deliberate opposition to the international private banking system based on usury-bound loans created out of thin air and pegged to the value of their gold hoardings, which included an artificial high gold price, and ten fold devaluation of silver, which they could not hoard and control),

    and secondly setting up a system of international trade in which transactions were conducted by direct barter, each country exchanging those resources and products in which it excelled for those it lacked or especially wanted. Owing to the fiscal catastrophe in which many countries laboured as a result of the bankster usury loans and global manipulation of commodity prices, and the bankster-created great depression of the 1930s, Hitler got a rapid positive international response, with at least 25 countries enthusiastically taking part in this barter system, which benefited them all, and especially Germany, in the same proportion as it shut out the banksters, who went apopleptic with rage over exclusion from markets they had previously controlled.

    The details of all this are in Richard Tedor’s interesting, well researched book, Hitler’s Revolution

  • 18th November 2018 at 3:25 am

    Good article, I’ve come to the same conclusions, the parasitical central banking apparatus is the reason the west is dying. People have no idea what the odious intentions of what central banking does, it buys the necessary tools to thwart and subvert a nation’s future like a unwelcome guest and feeds off it. The central bank also uses democracy like a football field to manipulate the course of a nation’s political outcomes and sets foreign polices such as immigration,foreign aid and unnecessary wars detrimental to the long term host people’s prosperity or future interests. Unfortunately, central banks will continue to whore and war with people and nations until more suitable hosts (nations) are found. This Kabbalistic ritual has been going on since the eons of time, all other civilisations have fallen to similar fates.

  • 18th November 2018 at 3:08 am

    Hitler did, in fact, borrow money, from New York Jews, at an extremely high interest rate. After interest payments, equaling the original loan, were made, the Jews demanded full payment. Hitler said, fuck you, and the Jews never got another nickel, but the loan saved the Third Reich.


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