The Radical American Elite’s plans to FORCE co-existence on Whites & Blacks in SA (& Everywhere)

This is a note from a discussion here in South Africa with some people I talk to often. It started as a result of a video showing a black guy calling on the blacks of South Africa to stop voting for the ANC, the communist ruling party. So one guy said to me, he thinks the black guy in the video is a “paid actor”, so I responded as follows:

I had put this video aside. It looks interesting. My apologies. I am jumping between various things. I watched a bit of it. He himself is definitely not south african. Even by his accent, I find it impossible to believe he lives in south africa. He sounds more american. The accent is a bit unclear. If he does not know why the blacks vote for the ANC then that is further proof he is not from SA or even lived here. You raise a good point.

Race is a very important topic, and I will be returning to it. I’ve been doing a LOT of studying of Professor Quigley in the USA. He is probably the greatest US liberal intellectual of all time, and he is probably the person behind why the USA is doing the made multicultural things that it does do. I’m almost finished with the one book, and want to dive into the next. He is deeply, deeply fascinating. He was a definite insider and knew things that nobody else knows. It is now clear to my why multiculturalism is the madness of the USA. In a nutshell, the American Elite believe they are CREATING A NEW GLOBAL CIVILISATION. Rule No 1 of Quigley, which he wrote a very long time ago was: “Civilisation starts with MIXING”. But he did not specify race mixing – it could be any mixing. I will discuss this and much more later. But what we are facing is a LIBERAL ELITE RELIGION of multiculturalism. Their belief is that they’re making the USA the greatest power on earth of all time. Look at them carefully, you’ll see they’re doing wild things. Biggest military on the planet. That too comes from Quigley, from Cecil Rhodes in fact. There are interesting South African links in this history. But “anti-Race” is a RELIGION, literally… It will be “racists” (i.e. whites trying to save themselves vs “non-racists” (whites mixed with Jews, blacks, etc) fighting each other. This is what has been happening, is happening, and will continue for decades, perhaps even centuries. These Americans believe the “American Empire” will last 500 years. Our race cannot wait that long. But you will notice that any time any white tries to talk about white achievements, or the superiority of whites, that they are SMASHED DOWN ruthlessly. There is much to discuss. But the bottom line is that whites CANNOT expect to be treated fairly on MERIT or ABILITY. That is impossible. Thus, returning to the above notion that this guy is a paid actor … very possible … they will try to mess with the blacks… the Jews and Liberals and Americans have been trying to “moderate” the ANC for years. That was the goal all along. We are living in an EXPERIMENT. We are an EXPERIMENT in the creation of a “New Global Civilisation” which the American Elite+Jews think will rule the whole world. (I don’t think they will succeed ultimately). But that is some background. You will notice that the only word you CANNOT MENTION is RACE ESPECIALLY when it is White Vs Black where the contrast is extremely stark and utterly obvious. Its like this all across the West and the Jews play a key role in this. But the original thinking, as I see it, is Quigley, and Quigley was very intellectual. He’s fascinating, and he’s right about some stuff, but I disagree on other things and there are things that are unknown. What can help us in SA is that the pressure is now on the blacks. The US Elite are TOTALLY INTENT ON FORCING WHITES AND BLACKS TO CO-EXIST IN SOUTH AFRICA AT ALL COSTS. THEY WILL NOT ALLOW ANYTHING ELSE. It has nothing to do with reality, it has to do with their power and their global goals, and we are tiny pawns. But the same recipe is at work all across the West. This the madness that has been unleashed. I suspect that a Jewish twist of Quigley is all that was needed and the Elite love the idea. The American Elite in the north have always given way to co-existing with blacks. They smashed the South on this basis who were the original racists. But now this insanity is engulfing the entire Western world. As a rule, I do NOT reach out to the “good blacks” nor the “good Jews” as one would be tempted to do with the above video. Because when you do that, you fall into the Jewish trap and then you’re supporting multiculture and co-existence. All these things are THOROUGHLY THOUGHT THROUGH by the “Radical Elite Liberals” who run America. Their entire education system is filled with this thinking. This is AMERICAN THINKING not EUROPEAN THINKING. Europeans are natural racists. Americans and the British are not. So those are just some thoughts. Yes, beware of the “good black” and the “good Jew”. This is all a game so that at the end of the day, the white man never stands up for himself. He is always DEFUSED. ALWAYS. It happens constantly.

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