The Original Christians whom the Romans Banned and hated were like Hippies…

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[This is a note I wrote to someone about the original Christians. There are Christians who say that modern Christianity is wrong and that people should be more like the "original Christians". But the original Christians were much worse. Jan]

I wrote this on the social media to someone:

BTW, when you talk of Satan, you are talking like someone living in the Middle Ages. In your version of Christianity you are thinking like someone in the Middle Ages – a time when Christianity’s power was at it’s peak. Christianity has itself rewritten it’s own history to hide its tremendous power that it had when it was in charge of Kings and Armies. The Pope used to have his own military force. At the Battle of Lepanto, the Pope sent his own navy to take part in the Battle. Christianity used to dominate Europe. Nowadays, Christianity pretends to be soft and sweet. But the early Christians, the very first ones, were Whites who circumcised themselves (like Jews) and they ran to Jewish synagogues when they were in trouble. The original Christians, whom the Romans banned were like a bunch of Hippies and Communists. They were a people who broke the Roman state in the same way that Hippies, Communists, BLM, Antifa, Transgender, Liberals are breaking the American and European states today.

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