The ONLY way for Whites to save outrselves is: White SOCIALISM…


I have done a lot of thinking about the problems we face, in South Africa and also worldwide via our movement. I have a very special video to show you in the coming weeks on this topic.

Lots of Whites who get into this movement think that it will be life as before, with some form of business and capitalism and that we can go forward in that way. That is not true. The Jews and Liberals cut off funding and are doing everything they can to stop White movements and Websites and content creators from going forward. They are spitefully destroying the very things we need access to AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO HAVE ACCESS TO. Jews aggressively work to destroy anything where Whites voice their own genuine opinions.

The non-Whites do the same and the Government is constantly looking to see in what way Whites can be disadvantaged.

When I look at how our movement is working and what we’re developing, it is not only a type of Feudalism, but also the beginnings of Socialism. It appears to me that we will NEVER have access to the same things that Liberals and others have. That instead we need to fight forward, in the face of endless opposition, tooth and nail.

The only way forward really is going to be a type of socialism. But what is socialism and how do you practise it? Can it even work? Surely it is outdated and cannot work now in the 2020s?

Well, I have news for you. I’m going to show you, incredible White Socialism at its finest.

I had begun to realise that it is not that we have to CHOOSE between Capitalism and Socialism. No. There IS NO CHOICE! Our ENEMIES will always deny us CAPITALISM. The only option IS socialism. There is no choice. That is what will be forced on us.

But in many ways we are quite natural socialists. We’ve done it before. We just have never actually practised it in modern times and we need to relearn it.

I’ll be back regarding this topic. But socialism … is the only way. There is no other way.

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