We as a race, were lulled into a sleep and our minds were dulled by too much victory and total domination. Now, everywhere, we are on the retreat. But the fact of the matter is that as a race, we actually have a natural, vibrant, aggressive, determined attitude. We actually are a people who are designed to struggle, fight, conquer, overcome and build beautiful things. This is our way.

A beaver builds his dam. White people build a beautiful, orderly, civilisation.

In most ways, Jewish thinking has been extremely bad for us. What we NEED, and we NEED THIS BADLY, are clear, identifiable enemies whom we can struggle against and crush. We need to dominate. We MUST FIGHT. We must struggle and DEFEAT and OVERCOME.

Hitler said, "He who wants to LIVE, let him FIGHT". That is how we must be.

We need this. We need enemies so that the men can FIGHT and so that the women can feel the need for, and delight in the desire to be PROTECTED. They in their turn must love and care for their children and protect and nurture them.

Our entire HISTORY is one based on struggle. We have lived for thousands of years in the face of invasion and trouble and we eventually overcame and dominated.

We need enemies like a duck needs water. Suddenly, we have a PURPOSE and reason to live.

I would submit that HARDSHIP and ENEMIES is what we NEED in order to evolve and become cleverer. That this is GOOD for our IQ.

In Africa, the Whites, in some respects, became very dulled by living among non-Whites. We need survival threats.

This forces us to act.

This is also how civilisations sway and evolve. You have threats and then your group needs to respond to the threat. This is evolution, this is how we move forward.

Don’t love your enemy. Hate your enemy. Work for the DESTRUCTION and DOWNFALL of your enemy, and then TAKE DELIGHT in crushing him. Take delight in victory. This is really healthy for us, mentally and physically. It even brings LOVE between White men and White women and results in children. NATURE is on our side. We are more in tune with nature than anyone else. Forget the noble savage garbage.

Hardship is so good for us, and I speak from here in SA where I have seen Whites FALL in a BIG WAY. In the end, despite much pain and agony, hidden in there, is a new motivation. New efforts. Its fantastic. Out of that comes a NEW TYPE OF WHITE PERSON UNLIKE WHAT EXISTED BEFORE.

I am looking forward to such Whites. They promise to make the future EXCITING!

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