#BS#The New Jewish Exodus Project – Jews pretending that Jews are fighting…

#BS#I’m not going to go into the details here. But I saw an article doing the rounds where Jews were claiming that the Leftist Jews were busy driving out the traditional Jews from the Synagogues … blah blah blah … whining … crying… etc.

I sent someone this comment:
Pardon me on this one, but this is just Jewish crap about them apparently having problems. These people are bags of shit and spoiled brats. Don’t buy into their minor little problems between them, which they now claim are an issue. When I had Jewish friends they tried to pretend they were “fighting” each other all the time. Bollocks. They agree on many things. I’ll bet they all agree that whites are a problem. I never listen to their cry baby crap. Underneath it all they are pretty damned sure WE are the PROBLEM.

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