The Most Popular American TV Series the Jews hated intensely: Beverly Hillbillies – Rhodesian TV – My Comments


[When I was a kid in Rhodesia, we watched a lot of American TV shows in black and white, since we only had black and white TV available. South Africa had no TV available for much longer because the Afrikaans speakers feared the negative (read: Liberal) effects that would come from it. They got colour TV in about 1974 I think. We saw many popular American TV shows in Rhodesia. Some might be regarded as "racist" like the Black and White minstrel show.

We saw lots of American cowboy movies, which everyone enjoyed.

But there was one show that shot to the top of the American ratings when it was launched and that was The Beverly Hillbillies – a comedy, based on what you might call "Rednecks".

I discovered that the (Jewish owned) New York Times HATED the show and said the worst things imaginable about the show. Eventually the show was cancelled by the CBS executive Fred Silverman (father was Jewish). He said that there were "too many rural" (read: WHITE) shows on US TV.

During the incredibly successful time that the TV series ran, The Beverly Hillbillies was intensely hated by film critics, despite it even winning awards.

I suspect that Jews hated the presence and domination of whites and especially WHITE CULTURE on American TV, ESPECIALLY, the more "racist" South and especially anything that demonstrated the firmness and toughness and dominance of whites.

You can view a video explaining the story of the Beverly Hillbillies and why it was shut down here:

If you watch American TV series and music, you’ll see over the decades the transformation of TV and music from being almost completely white to black-dominated.

And I don’t think it’s just an accident. I think TV and music were also a method for spreading Jewish political ideas ahead of their time. You can see it in their fashion. e.g. White men with long hair like women, etc.

Returning to the Beverly Hillbillies, I think whites should take note of things they used to do in the USA, which Jews then worked to destroy because they did not like white culture, white thinking and white values which would be diametrically at odds with what the Jews had in mind.

Check out The Beverly Hillbillies and you’ll see whites who are racist in certain ways, like Granny who wanted John Wayne to come and help shoot the Indians. That sort of behaviour is not what Jews would like at all.

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