The most dangerous hardcore black commie in South Africa – Ramaphosa

You see the Vice President of South Africa – Ramaphosa – General Tienie Groenewald of Military Intelligence (he ran it for 20 years) told me to my face that this black is the MOST DANGEROUS of all the blacks. He told me that if this guy rules South Africa that “we’re finished”. He told me then too that the CIA is trying to win him over from being a hardcore commie. I think he’s a billionaire now too. Liberal money given to him. (CIA money too?). I ignore much of this rubbish politics. The Liberals are so worried Zuma will fire Ramaphosa. But Tienie told me that Ramaphosa is the most popular black in South Africa next to Mandela. (Perhaps the CIA and Liberals and Jews have messed with his head a bit successfully? ButTienie told me this guy is the hardest core commie of the lot. I reckon Zuma is also a very hardcore commie or else the SACP and COSATU would not have kicked Mbeki out to put him in. But keep an eye on Ramaphosa:

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