The most critical group of Whites Jews MUST KEEP LYING to… White Americans & Canadians

The more I ponder our matters, the more convinced I am that the one group of people that the Jews have to lie to the MOST, and they MUST SUCCEED at LYING and fooling those whites … are the whites of the USA, and to a lesser extent, of Canada.

North America is critical for the Jews as their power base, and these Jews CANNOT AFFORD to have the whites of North America wake up.

It is massively in their interests, even for their wider survival, to overcome the whites of north America. They have to lie about history, and they have to twist everything to the maximum of the maximum.

They are well aware that the whites of America especially, have some violent and also racial and even anti-semitic tendencies and they need to ensure that those whites cannot, under any conditions, WIN. If they win, then its game over for the Jews…

I find it interesting how they twist American history to be something it is not … but its critical. They need to make fake arguments like “Nation of Immigrants” while ignoring that ALL the immigrants were from EUROPE!

I think the whites of North America, especially the USA itself, must brace themselves for the harshness of this struggle. Its going to require every ounce of ingenuity and determination. For the Jews this is about survival itself… throwing away 140 years of wangling themselves into the USA. Too much is at stake for them… AND they’ve NEVER HAD IT THIS GOOD.

The race of shit will do all they can to hang in there in north America.

So don’t be too dismayed at all their trickery and nonsense and pathalogical lying. For them, its always about survival. But this time, the stakes are higher than it ever was in Europe. Europe was divided. In the USA they have 52 states … all under a central rule.

Expect nothing but irritation and anger from this race of garbage and filth … the scum of Europe. Like the Europeans, the rest of us have to face this race of pure shit and see what we can do.

The garbage are at work here in SA as well despite more than half of them leaving. The remainder are well implanted here, and the remaining 75,000 are doing all they can to ensure that whites here too don’t make any headway forward.

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