The Key Jewish-British roles in the Bleiburg Massacre of Croatians & slaughter of Cossacks


A Croatian supporter wrote this to me:

Jan I don’t know if you have heard of Bleiburg Massacre but it was in May of 1945 where Yugoslav communists killed 444426 Croatian Civillians and soldiers. Croats tried to reach the Austrian border and surrender to "western civilized" Brits. But you Boers know well the British "civility" when they put women and children in concentration camps in Boer wars. Anyway, the Jewed British handed over the Croats to the Bolsheviks and in ww2 because of that massacre and other terrible crimes (huda jama, jazovka, macej, tezno) we lost our best people and 10% of the population. Sorry for the long rant. Love the videos.

My reply:

Hi, Now that you mention it, I have heard the name of this massacre but never investigated it. If you have good material on it, ESPECIALLY the treasonous Jewish-British role in it I would be most interested. Any documentaries, photos, would be welcome. I will publish your comment above on my website for people to see. I have some other Croatian supporters. I never realised how many of your people you lost. The Jewish-British did terrible things here in SA, not just the concentration camps. But that’s a chat for another day.

What I have also heard of, and this interests me a lot, because it is similar to the massacre you describe. I had heard that the British Army, beat the Cossacks, who had fought on the side of the Germans … they beat them and forced them on trains to the Soviet Union. The Cossacks knew they would ALL be killed and they resisted as much as they could. I am told that Cossack women threw their babies and themselves under tanks in order to die so that they don’t end up in the Jewish Soviet Union.

I am very interested in these hideous things that the Jewish-controlled British did in WW2. It is beyond insane, the Jewish-British HATRED for white people. No other nation, other than the modern USA is as insane as this.

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