The Jews most likely killed Stalin: But you can’t compare Stalin with Hitler – Jews in Russia

I see some people are White washing Stalin these days. I’m quite convinced myself that Stalin, later in his life was on to the Jews and that the Jews most likely poisoned him. The Russians definitely seem to have evolved with time to having less and less Jews. The Russians appear to have, to their credit – driven Jews more and more out of Russia.

But keep in mind that Jews remained, as a mass in Russia until the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the USSR collapsed, then about a million or so Jews went to Israel. Even now about 1/3rd of the Jewish scum in Israel can speak RUSSIAN.

But even now you still have big time Jews in Russia, around Putin and Putin himself loves Jews and Putin might have some biological links to Jews and Putin passed a holocaust denial law and he even apologised to the Jewish scumbag, who Bennet, who rules Israel. So you can’t deny Putin as a big old Jew lover.

Returning to Stalin – yes, it is great that Stalin was on to Jews and was busy driving them out. That was good.

But Stalin also drove the anti-White policies of the USSR which have continued under Putin. Stalin in 1928 issued the order that South Africa should become a BLACK COMMUNIST REPUBLIC, which is what it is today. He continued with the push to destroy the European colonial empires and for Communists to support the "Natives" on every continent against the Europeans and British.

But you CANNOT go and equate Stalin with Hitler. Hitler was pro-White. Hitler used the Swastika which is an ancient European, racial symbol.

You just cannot put Stalin on the same pedestal as you would Hitler. There are huge differences between them. Hitler was for Europe being great again and Whites being great. Stalin was nothing of the kind, nor was the USSR, nor even is Russia today.

To compare Stalin with Hitler or Russia with NAZI Germany is just crazy.

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