The Jewish & Elite smashing of Bitcoin & Crypto: Will this result in a super new Gamer-Gate rebellion?

These are some notes I sent to friends as I was thinking about crypto and the beatings it’s taken which I am convinced are totally controlled and co-ordinated. I wrote this:

I think there is a very deliberate campaign to shatter the massive Bitcoin & crypto market that was flying to new levels. White computer nerds were producing something that was more stable and had better value than what came from the Jewish banking scum and their buddies. You’ll see my analysis in more detail. This is a BIG HIT.

But I do wonder if it will backfire in weird ways. Some years ago, among the youth was "Gamer Gate". This was where the young were very annoyed by how they were treated and they rebelled and hit back.

I am wondering if there will be a Bitcoin/Crypto version of Gamer gate – but on a much greater level. Most of the people involved in crypto are almost exclusively White nerds.

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