The Jewess Merkel’s destruction of Germany continues: THANK YOU ANGELA MERKEL


[Germany is being destroyed like the rest of the West. Only white men with guns can save the Western world. There's no other way. Jan]

My long time beloved brother,

Your post was very sad. It hit home. I resided in E. Germany. It was a time when Big Brother made sure censorship prevented wrong thinking. You know, like if you wrote something with wrong thoughts and some low life read it. However, James, it was clean, unlike some of the places under Bonn’s realm (think Frankfort).

Like you, I’m old now. However, I had decent contacts. These included not only intellectuals, but kind honest Volk. My last close friend just expired. In fact, he was to visit me last year (before I got Guilliam Barre Syndrome and was unable to ambulate for weeks). Although his trip was postponed and a great disappointment, the positive side was that I have continued to gain in ambulation ability. This had permitted me to entertain wonderful superior individuals such as yourself. I am so thankful to have friends such as you -the salt of the earth. It makes my soul sing to see your love for your precious son and family. But, let me get back to touching a few things.

Comrade, we had a system where news was obtained via coded innuendoes. It was the same as that used by comrades residing east, in the fair and glorious Workers’ Paradise. James, we didn’t require monopoly MSM for common “news.” You should see the stuff he and others sent about Saint Merkel.

Of course, you know, Saint Merkel’s anti-majority accomplishments were not really different, in many ways, from what you and I saw as youth near MoTown. In fact, even politically, what was the difference between the Merkel’s “Freest Germany in history” and our WACO instituting regimes? What’s the difference between Merkel and the Big O, who brought in and allowed so many low IQers that he altered the demographics of the USA?

Look, all that stuff about your “representatives” is BS. It’s for the naive dreamers and (2) for those buying indoctrination. Look, even today, the Deep State (FBI and other agencies) have spied on the president. It’ll all come out. You can be sure that Obama’s Rainbow House has been bugged. It’s common sense. All over cyberspace citizens are writing about how Hoover’s FBI JFKed the president. It’s amazing they didn’t take Nixon out. Perhaps two knockouts, in such a short time fame, would have been too much.

Maybe Peter Strzok and Lisa Page could tell us more about FBI honesty? Spying on a Prez! Let’s hope that, in Trump’s second term, he finds a way to have the National Guard surround the FBI buildings and clean that agency out…to start over. Or, will Pocahontas and Bernie occupy the White House?

James, as it is now, voting is a farce. LBJ, Merkel, Macron, The Big O, Billary, King Bushy’s II’s neokonski regime… look what they did to the masses. Check out anti-majority education, monopoly MSM, the anti-American Deep States, all those wars harming the USA… and others.

Look, if the Germans didn’t elect Merkel they’d of had Martin Schultz (he’s even worst -a complete scumbag). James check him out. He’s a cross between LBJ-Billary and BO.

Then, ask how do these politico scumbags get to rule the roost. How ?Cuz it seems anything above a monkey can vote. Also, it’s like a stacked deck, a game. Those with the best marbles don’t play. Those with big bucks get the most publicity. Of course, Bs overall vote as a block.

The system is a sham. It’s for children and naive adults smoking hopeum.

The election system needs to be changed. It does not represent the majority. Unless it’s changed, it’ll eventually destroy Western Civilization.

Yes, James, your post hurt. We’ve both seen that destructive dark mentality all over neighborhoods of Western man. In a way, it’s about natural law. If the trend continues you’ll be saying bye, bye Western Civilization.

As for that low life primitive male in your post, James, my dear friend, was he any different from the sea of those that flooded Sweden, Paris, London, parts of Norway and the Benelux countries? Was he following natural law for those of his kind? We’ve both seen his mode in different states, countries and cities. Was his behavior different than those of the 1960s. Think LA, Brooklyn, Detroit…

My dearly beloved deceased friend Wilmot Robertson (not his real name) use to write that they couldn’t overall perform at the level of EuroMan. Thus, they believed failure was the fault of Whitey. Results: The creations of Detroit, Philly…

My Brother, don’t kid yourself, it’s no different in Minnesota than what’s in your post. Oh, on an individual level many can be quite sociable. However, that has nothing to do with the overall picture of their schooling and ability (from coast-to-coast and all over the globe).

Doc, with over 90 City States, do you think Amdom will survive? You know, as you know it? EuroMan is the most altruistic on the planet. He is kind and loving. He keeps Second World environments afloat (Minnesota, Detroit, etc.). James, even if all breeds had the same traits, there’s nothing wrong with desiring to be amongst your own…

I’ll forward your post to a few others. They’ve probably seen that male’s twin on juries and in leading US universities.

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