The Jew Nicky Oppenheimer in South Africa’s Biggest Medical Waste Dumping Scandal

[The Oppenheimers are the Jews who cornered the global diamond market via South Africa. In the article below from non-whites, we see what these filthy Jews are busy doing in South Africa. The Oppenheimers even lied in the 1980s claiming that they’d converted to Christianity – total hogwash of course.

The non-whites don’t see Oppenheimer as a Jew. They seem them as whites and hence they speak of #WMC White Monopoly Capital Scams. But as you can see, its Jews at work in South Africa.

In this article you’ll see all sorts of trickery being used and you’ll also see mention of how Rupert a billionaire “Afrikaner” is constantly in with the Jew Oppenheimer. That is exactly how the “Elite” of South Africa work. These are filth and they hate whites. But as you’ll see below they get away with almost anything the hell they want even twisting the courts. Notice mention of “no witnesses” due to intimidation! Jan]

Several arguments regarding Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer have been going on reciprocally, because their names are always involved with each and every case related to Economy capture and state capture. However, the most important is dumping around 300 tons of untreated medical waste in Welkom, which is a Free State Province in SA. The organization involved in this scandal is Phambili Wasteman. It will be an R1 Billion company in which Nicky Oppenheimer has investment 30% stakes. Regarding this, thousands of locals have registered their complaints and several agencies had dissented against it. But Nicky Oppenheimer, who was accused of making anti-competitive as well as secretive cartel to realize his misdeeds, had joined hands with White Media to suppress their voices.

Nicky Oppenheimer Scams

Why Nicky Oppenheimer buys stakes in Phambali Wasteman:

Being a shrewd businessman, Nicky Oppenheimer knows how to earn profit by any means. When he witnessed that Phambili Wasteman involved in making huge profit through illegal means, he cannot able to prevent himself from investing up to 30% stakes in the organization. With the help of white media, he will able to get exact details about the businesses involved in making illegal profits. The organization got into the SA’s biggest medical waste dumping scandal with the efforts and protests made by the native blacks and the environmental welfare groups of Welkom by raising their voice against this, regardless of facing threats from the white media capitalists.

Actions of Green Scorpions against Phambili Wasteman:

These protests have made the Green Scorpions to involve and arrest almost all the accused through the time-bound investigation. Here is the list of accused:

  • Gravin Brasher – the Brickyard Owner
  • Niel Meiring – the former partner of Wasteman
  • Olivier Meyer – The former CEO of Wasteman
  • Andre Swanepoel – The former CEO of Wasteman
  • Daniel Krynauwa – the Deputy
  • Willem Knoesen and his two sons – owner of Game Farm

Hasty action of court against this massive scandal:

The case runs for around 1 year and this short period was found to be enough for the court to decide that there were no considerable proofs available against the criminality of accused and even, the prosecutors need more evidence in order to get any conclusion. During the entire period, no witnesses had showed up because no one could able to speak against the threats of white corporation and Nicky Oppenheimer.  7 years gone, but there have not been any proceeding happening. This simply means that prosecutors need more evidences to buy time to hold up the decision and therefore, discard the case.

Court accused individuals instead of whole company:

There is no doubt that WMC and Nicky Oppenheimer has played an important role in influencing the court. He though that his name will get dragged into the controversy if the whole company was accused. Thus to protect him, he made pressure on the court to accuse the individuals rather than the whole organization. Of course, all the accused people were handsomely paid off by him to remain silent and acknowledge the charges.

From the above stated it is found that even judicial court had become deaf and dumb because of WMC. No witnesses had come forward, although several protests were held before the investigation. This proves that Nicky Oppenheimer make use of the influence of WMC and White Media to protect him.

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