The good, bad & weird (anti-sexual) sides of Kellog the inventor of the Cold breakfast cereal


[An American lady I have known for a very long time, sent me these comments about Kellog, below. I'm not fully sure how bad he was. I did a little bit of reading up about him. It seems he was actually self educated, and it seems to me that self educated people can reach very different conclusions about life. Hitler is perhaps the finest example of a self educated man. And I would say that Hitler was dead right. But Kellog was a bit stranger. He seems to have been quite amazingly CREATIVE, which I think is good. But then there are some weird aspects. He said that the Bible and Science are in accordance with each other. The weirdest aspect to him however was his belief that masturbation is evil and he literally said "you can kill yourself by your own hand". The reason he invented the breakfast cereal was because he was inventing foods to kill your sexual drive!!! This definitely sounds like the Christian side of him coming to the fore, which I think is bad. We are naturally sexual. It is a very important, healthy aspect to our lives. It is an aspect that must be taken care of for our mental and physical health. I have posted before mention that men need to ejaculate a certain number of times per month or else their risk of prostate cancer increases. Kellog also was into circumcision without anaesthetic!!! He seems to have been very creative, but it was also twisted in some cases towards his weird Christian ideas. The man was definitely clever. I find the creation of anti-sexual foods to be a bit weird. And that is the real story of the cereals!!! Kellog himself does not appear to have been Jewish – at least from the tiny bit of research I did. Jan]

This is what my Christian lady friend sent to me. She detests his food ideas but for different reasons:

Kellog was a horrible man. He got involved with Ellen G. white, who promoted herself as a prophet for the Seventh Day Adventists and created that big religion. It was Saturday Jewish religion.

She and Kellog were convinced that eating hot cereal created aggressive men. So Kellog invented cold cereal. It was the worst idea, causing health problems the world over, including obesity, sugar overload, carbohydrates reactions,to this day.

Cold cereals were criticized by nutritionists, one which was a famous romance novel writer in England,Barbara Cartland. She observed that when the cold cereal breakfast replaced high protein, hot breakfasts ( sausages, eggs, bacon, English muffins, in the British diet, the men became irritable at work by mid-morning. This caused employment problems and soon, marriage problems.

Cartland claimed there was more divorce after the modern diet of processed grains, sprayed with artificial vitamins, had filled the markets and the television advertising.

There was another incident between Kellog and the so called prophet Ellen White, where she berated him in a church meeting (7 th Day Adventist) and he meekly accepted the humiliation.

He made millions off his cereal products. When I learned the history of Kellog cereal products I refused to purchase them anymore.

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