The Filthy American Jews now speak about the KGB and Communism destroying America

I was looking at an article and audio by some Jewish piece of crap in the USA. I’m not going to give the filthy Jews any publicity by letting you hear what a Jewish piece of crap has to say about the USA.

All I will say is that these Jews, the race of shit, who are responsible for communism in Russia, Germany and Europe and ACROSS THE WORLD, that these Jews were practising communism in the USA in the time of Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt.

Then you had Jewish communists like the husband and wife who handed over all America’s nuclear secrets and even actual enriched (Plutonium?) I think to the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union. Thank goodness they were EXECUTED.

So during all these decades, which, from Wilson’s time until now is OVER A CENTURY … Jews were doing communism like crazy, disembowling the USA and working to destroy whites.

Now some of these Jewish pieces of garbage, are "finding reality" in Conservatism. And in this, I must also add the Jew UNZ whom I don’t bother to read. I have no time for reading anything a Jew says because Jews talk crap … most, ever, ALL THE TIME! Never listen to a Jew. They know nothing, and they’re malicious filth. NEVER LISTEN TO A JEW. Just like you should NEVER listen to a black.

But yeah, now, over 100 years later, suddenly, some Jews discover "communism" and speak out about it harming America! But THEY THEY THEY… were the filth who were spreading communism in Universities and everywhere!

What a race of hypcritical crap they are. As if they care about America. They should be pogrommed, machine-gunned and run out of America … AND the entire rest of the Western World. Race of shit.

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