The Earth is incredibly rare & special & White Civilisation may be exceptionally special in the Universe


[This is from a debate with a younger Christian guy where I try to explain the importance of us as a people, as a biological entity. I will flesh this stuff out more, much later. But here's a short reply. Jan]

I also never believed the randomness theory, and I know the arguments against them all.
But the universe’s size is totally insane. I repeat, the SIZE of the universe, and the amount of matter in it, is beyond insane. There is so much out there in the universe that probably every permutation you can imagine is possible. I had never thought like this before, but if you study astronomy and the knowledge they have these days, you’ll see that the universe is wildly enormous.

The exo-planets, to me, tell a strange story. The planets are so unbelievably varied in all ways, that it is clear that this stuff is random. The same is probably true for the stars and we know a lot more about them.

The reality of the universe is this: The universe is a desert of unbelievable size, and in all the existence of Whites, we might never meet other intelligent life like us. We might be the only truly intelligent life, not just in our own galaxy, but across many galaxies. In other words, we might be the "aliens" and we can do virtually anything we please.

But if we are stupid, we could die, or have others overcome us. If we are clever, we could be like demi-Gods.

It’s not important whether God exists or not. WE EXIST. In that sense, Hitler is right, we must focus on ourselves. We must take our position and opportunities seriously.

Let me give you another reason why we are almost unique. We are not only living on a planet, but a DOUBLE PLANET – the Earth and the Moon.

This is unbelievably rare. I know of no other example ever found of a double planet. The Moon’s presence stabilizes our planet and stops it from rolling around and tilting at different angles.
Such tilting would destroy us. The Moon is very bizarre and it makes our planet very stable. The Moon’s orbit itself is limited in that it will one day fly off into space.

We can be killed on this planet, by either the sun, or this planet itself.

But I believe we are unique in that we are the only species that can leave this planet or work out some method of surviving the destruction of our Sun.

Now there might be planets, super earth’s which are capable of life, and there seem to be many, but so far we’ve found no life that matches our intelligence.

It might be that getting life to our level is unbelievably rare, even when it occurs. I refer, yet again, to the bizarre stability of the earth because of the Moon.

We are very special, and we might be an extraordinarily rare occurrence in the universe. I don’t think aliens are floating around in the universe. The vast majority of the universe is a dead desert.

There might be lots of simple life around, but complex, super-advanced life like ourselves might occur only once in thousands of galaxies.

Nobody is looking after us. We must look after ourselves. But if we do, we could probably colonise on a scale that is beyond all imagination.

I know why people want to believe in God. You think you need to be protected and you fear death. But the eternal life that exists is us, ourselves, our group.

That’s what we must take seriously.

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