THE CENSORSHIP WITCH: Is Professor Megan Squire a Crypto-Jew?


This is a comment from one of my video viewers, and I was looking at what the guys were saying. I think they are on to some good ideas about this. Someone else pointed out that there is evidence she likes the filthy Jew Lenin. That’s possible. I know US universities have had communists in them for decades. Unbelievable I know, but indeed so. I know this from friends who had nasty experiences there.

Here is something someone wrote:
I think she is crypto jewish from what I can gather so far. She concentrates on what she would term pro white extremism, but totally ignores jewish islamic and black groups who openly and comfortably make their opinions and actions known all over the web. Another thing a lot of the so called alt right and far right movements are set up by non white in the beginning. She avoids that.

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