The Build up of ANGER among Whites … its EXCELLENT …

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A guy, who is possibly in the UK wrote to me:
They are already here and getting harder just take the time to look around you and see what the cost is to the people of Britain with the invasion and the news that seeps through from all parts of the world sure we can all tell our horror stories? What worries me more is the build up of the anger caused by the deterioration of so many things in our lives that many people have worked so hard to achieve now being structurally damaged and overloaded by this world wide social experimentation of moving whole countries into the countries that have hospitals,schools, universities, and provide them with housing cars phones allowances etc etc The price is too high many things that I could afford to do I now cannot and that is not good for my well being??? Nor is it in anyway leading me and millions of other people towards any form of acceptance of diversity or multi-culturism not that this matters as no-one gives a damn the agenda is in full swing and it will run its course too whatever end result???

I replied:I read with interest your post. Anger is excellent. It is the anger that will propel us forward. All the things you describe … its good. We need to enter the abyss. I have an upcoming video on this topic. We need the ANGER. Without the ANGER, everyone is just going to be sitting around talking. Eventually, people need to say: I’M SICK OF THIS SHIT, I’M GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!!!! We’ll get there.

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