The Amazing American U-2 Spy Plane – still kicking ass after 65 years!

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The U-2 spy plane is the original American high flying spy plane intended to monitor the USSR and the nuclear weapons. I was amazed and astounded to discover that even now, in 2020, the U-2 spy plane is still functioning!

Yes, the white man’s technology is still rocking. This plane is 65 years old and even drones and satellites CANNOT DO some of the things the U-2 can do! It flies unarmed and can fly over an area and photograph things for up to 9 hours!

Just as amazing is that the U-2 still uses developed film! Yes, no digital stuff. On each trip it takes 2 miles of Kodak film!!!! And the quality of what is seen in that film is BETTER than anything digital from satellites, etc!

They predict that the U-2 will continue functioning into the 2020s! Can you believe it.

Most of the pilots are white males. The U-2 officially flies above 70,000 feet, but they do not give the actual maximum height at which it flies. That is classified.

Since the 1990s 6 pilots have died in U-2 accidents.

The pilots wear the same pressurized suits that astronauts wear. They face the same dangers. If the plane were to depressurize and they did not have the suits, they would boil to death in an instant!!!

So its amazing the old technology of the white man from America can still do better than many other things that came later. Among the U-2’s incredible advantages is that it is still much cheaper to run than satellites and it can gather data that no other device can yet beat!

And do you know that most of the UFO reports from many decades ago was actually sunlight glinting off the silver body of the U-2s they used then.

I see now they are painted black – perhaps to add some stealth.

Take pride in white work. We ROCK!!!

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