That was NATO’s plan. Russia would drown in the war – Attacking Russia with nukes

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[This is a Russian article from April 2022. I think this is over the top but this is a Russian article that I translated, and the original source is at the bottom. Jan]

That was NATO’s plan. Russia would drown in the war

Now we are talking a lot about the fact that Vladimir Putin and our army are only a few days ahead of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas. And someone considers – and for several hours. All this was one global NATO plan to destroy Russia.

Having collected information from various sources, now the picture emerges as follows:

In December, Russia received information about NATO’s plans to deploy 4 military brigades (2 land, 1 sea, 1 air) on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, the air brigade – with the possibility of carrying nuclear warheads .

NATO wanted to agree on this deployment of troops in the summer of 2022 at a meeting of the UN Security Council .

Then, most likely by the end of the year, they would have provoked a conflict and launched full-scale military operations against us with the use of nuclear weapons. That is, NATO planned to unleash the 3rd World War with the use of nuclear weapons against Russia. The key role in this was assigned, of course, to the ruling elite in Ukraine and the nationalists.

In order to prevent a third world war and an attack on Russia using nuclear weapons, Vladimir Putin decided to get ahead of the enemy (no longer a partner!).

The West is now pressing information through social networks and other sources that Russia has attacked.

Because they are offended that their plans collapsed, and now Russia cannot be destroyed by nuclear weapons. And, most importantly, the one that is in Ukraine and at the expense of Ukraine!

After all, the time for the warheads to fly from Kharkov to Moscow, as Vladimir Putin said, is 3 minutes, and, in fact, we have no time left for a retaliatory strike.

Putin, having outstripped Ukraine and NATO, actually saved hundreds of thousands of lives, first of all, the republics of the DPR and LPR – because they would be the first to deal a crushing blow.

According to the main version now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the leadership of the national battalions were preparing to launch a military operation in the Donbas on February 25, and we actually beat them by a day.

About a week before the start of the Russian special operation, Eduard Basurin reported on a map of the attack on the Donbass that was intercepted from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It was clearly laid out there when long-range artillery strikes would be delivered, when MLRS, when by aviation, then strikes by the operational tactical group (OTG), respectively "North", "South" and "East".

OTG "Vostok" was supposed to act on the dissection of Donetsk and Lugansk.

They were given three days to reach the border, and the OTG "South" would act together with the "Aidarovtsy", which, according to the plan, were supposed to play the role of a detachment.

In the north, where Lugansk, the UAF planned to operate under the cover of the "Right Sector", they were supposed to meet in the Komsomolsk region south of Donetsk and cut off the LDNR from the border with Russia.

Within two days, it was planned to begin a "complete cleansing."

Moreover, Donetsk, Lugansk and several other cities did not plan to capture at this stage, but simply surrounded and blocked, that is, a complete blockade of settlements was envisaged, before a "complete cleansing".

Moreover, this "complete cleansing", according to some sources, meant the dumping of a dirty nuclear bomb on Donetsk . Around March 20th. By this time, she would have been ready. It would have been a special cynicism for the Nazis to see how the Russian troops would now act. Will they go to a city full of radiation. This, they say, was the last straw of Russia’s patience.

Naturally, this plan was developed jointly with the NATO curators, and the Americans previously transferred about 5 thousand of their soldiers to Poland, plus there was also the Polish army. According to the plan, they were supposed to block our Kaliningrad grouping , so that in which case it would not be able to advance to the attacked territory of the south-east of Ukraine.

The second NATO grouping, which has concentrated for the operation in the event that Russia decides to help Donbass, is a thousand soldiers of the Stryker brigade (armored vehicles) in Romania. This grouping blockaded Transnistria so that the peacekeepers stationed there would not be able to advance through the South to Odessa.

All this was a single set of actions, which was supposed to begin on the night of February 24-25.

That’s why they’re so hysterical right now. Because everything was ready to seize the territory, and then all of a sudden – everything turned upside down!

First of all, as you know, we attacked airfields and runways so that it was impossible to land transport aircraft with weapons from the United States and other countries, command posts, air defense systems, radar stations, and anti-aircraft missile divisions were put out of action.

Now they intend to supply weapons across the border between Poland and Lvov. Well, it’s not serious. At least for 300 million euros, like Germany, at least for a billion – like the United States. Now it will be a pile of scrap metal.

But emotionally now the main thing is different. It’s even scary to imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t performed at 4 am on February 24 …


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