Texas Shooting by young Mexican: Biden Blames White Supremacy – Only 1 White Victim

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I see the demented old traitor Biden has the gumption to blame the shooting on WHITE SUPREMACY! WTF? Whites had nothing to do with this. This was a young Mexican, who went on his own shooting sprees. He’s not White.

And so all the BS starts.

I’ve just looked more carefully through the list of victims. The one woman whom I thought was a White Teacher, turns out to be a Mexican or Latino teacher. Her surname is Garcia. From the photos I’ve seen, only one of the dead was actually White. The little girl’s surname is Elrod. She’s a true little White girl. But this school seems to have been filled with Mexicans or Latino type derivatives.

All the old Jews and Jew tools like the Clintons, and the Mixed-Race half-Jew Obama, are now whining and crying.

And of course it’s all about gun control in Texas NOW!

So just more Jewish crap on the go.

And, like I say, this is a young Mexican, Ramos. This has nothing to do with White Supremacy or even Whites. But of course the Jews and Jew tools like Biden will MISREPRESENT the whole business as being somehow related to Whites, and that guns need to be taken away.

It is amazing how they’ll just lie straight in your face.


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