TeamWhite: Alfred Schaefer was a most incredible German in Germany… – Rhodesia too loyal to Britain


In a recent email exchange a nice lady wrote this:
Prophetic Older Video with Alfred Schaefer before he was sent to jail for 5 years for doing historical research. Talking to Jan Lamprecht of History Reviewed.

Jim Rizoli made these comments:
One thing good about Alfred he did tell it like it is.
I wish he lived in USA so we could chat freely.
We do get his letters.
No Surrender!


I replied as follows:

Alfred Schaefer is awesome. I knew when I did shows with him, either by myself or with Alex that we would NEVER EVER EVER EVER again get a German in Germany to say the things Alfred said. It was truly INCREDIBLE. I seized it with both hands and hoped that in the future people could see how INCREDIBLE it could be if whites could just speak openly, frankly and truthfully to each other. Our chats between America, South Africa and Germany were beyond belief. Imagine how awesome it would be if all whites across Europe and the rest of the west could speak as frankly as we did? But Alfred alone, must take the credit for his courage in Germany. He loves Germany. It’s terribly sad that he must be punished for the fabulous things he did. It’s so wrong. But I hope it makes whites realize how incredible things between us could be if we could just speak frankly…. and truthfully …. Alfred dared to do the impossible. For that I was very grateful. From my side I try to do the same from South Africa. But in his case, the Jewish control of Germany is extremely bad. I find it quite horrific that so many whites, who never harmed a fly, nor stole a cent from another person, should be sitting in jail in Germany and other countries. It’s dreadful. But this is the result of WW2.

As I was saying to people recently, I was reading about the Hitler Youth, where boys as young as 11 were fighting Soviet tanks, and where even girls were being blown up … it is very wrong to blame any living German for the state that Germany is in, because the people of Hitler’s time did their UTMOST to stop a Jewish victory. Nobody can fault them for their incredible feats. Now, the rest of us fools who were on the wrong side, need to make up for it. For me, from a Rhodesian perspective, it’s even worse. Rhodesians were lap dogs for the British. Anything the British wanted, the Rhodesians did immediately, whether it was to fight Germans and Italians or whether it was to play dirty tricks to foment wars with the Boers … Rhodesians did it. If the British said it was good, then Rhodesia dived in and did it. However, in the end, the time came where the Rhodesians discovered that Britain really functions in another way. In that sense … we’re all Germans and French now … we know what Jewish controlled Britain can get up to. But, it’s even bad for the Brits. What a mess it is.

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