SURVIVING THE CHAOS: Will Inflation and Hyper-inflation benefit WHITES more than Blacks?


I was writing about inflation and maybe later mild forms of hyperinflation which I think is the future.

Now surviving inflation, currency collapse and hyperinflation is actually quite doable, especially if you do, as most whites do, and that is to THINK AHEAD.

I think that a lot of the change and chaos that is coming will be of such a nature that on the whole, whites will outperform blacks in surviving this. I’ve been watching the blacks here in South Africa as well as the blacks who lived or continue to live in Zimbabwe. I think whites are much better placed to survive the worst of inflation, hyperinflation and chaos in general than the blacks.

The blacks are so wasteful, and they do not plan ahead much, and even when they do, its so poor that I think whites in general will come out of any turmoil the best – and I mean whites everywhere.

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