Stopping whites from WINNING: Whites are in a Computer WAR: The Twitter super purge has begun!


[Here’s an interesting article on Zerohedge about Twitter. The key issue here is this: The Liberals/Jews/Elite – garbage and filth all of them, thought they had control of the Social Media (e.g. via Jewbook, Twitter, youtube, Reddit, etc). The problem is that determined whites managed to find ways of using the social media to get their message across and years of determined guerilla warfare and effort resulted in whites WINNING – despite everything.

So whites effectively took something that was never expected to be assaulted in this determined way, and WHITES BEGAN WINNING. Now these same companies have to resort to all sorts of dirty tricks to stop whites from getting their message out.

This business of stopping retweets is the same as what I experienced on Youtube. I saw how something that was trending for weeks was then stopped. The computer algorithms have been changed endlessly on the social media over the last 3 years since I got active on the social media. I witnessed how they worked to smash us and how they are doing so ever more intensely now.

Twitter’s share price apparently rose massively after JP Morgan had a hand in it. So that should tell you that the filthy Jews and elite are trying to reward companies for kicking whites off the social media. We should build our own infrastructure and sink them all. Jan] You can read the Zero hedge article HERE.

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