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[It seems they are looking into this Jewish/Liberal nonsense about the Confederate monuments. The whole notion of taking down Southern/Confederate monuments is pure hogwash. Its like the cries of the Jews against the fake crime of “racism” and “NAZISM”. All hogwash. These were real white Americans before the cowardly Jews came to America. If there's anyone whose monuments and synagogues need to be shut down, then it is the Jews. They should not even be in the USA nor any other Western country. The Europeans were right. The rest of us should have listened. Jan]

Supreme Court Update
Where we ask the very important questions on Monuments:

  1. With regard to Article III standing and an injury-in-fact, do the authors of protected speech have to be the original authors or can related individuals or groups come into the speech?

  2. Should this Court adopt special interest standing and allow individuals or members of a small group standing to represent the rights of a public charitable trust violated by the government when the Attorney General of a state fails or refuses to represent the public’s rights?

  3. Does Petitioner Brewer have federal taxpayer standing to sue a municipality for expending municipal funds in violation of his constitutional right to free speech?

As we received the first draft of our Writ to the Supremes, we discovered that the Justices have extended filing deadlines by 60 days due to the Corona Virus Scare – this gives us more time to hone our argument before filing.

Another factor weighs in: It is our sad duty to report that our client and appellant, David Steven Littlefield died on 25 MAR 2020. The Supreme Court rules provide for an estate representative to take the place of a deceased appellant. We are now notifying opposing counsel and have reached out to Compatriot Littlefield’s next of kin, who seem supportive of continuing the case on their kinsman’s behalf. This may alter filing deadlines as well, and we will keep, you our supporters, of events.

Editorial note: Mr Littlefield, a career UT Austin employee, was a fighter. When UT Austin President & Commissar, Greg Fenves first attacked the Littlefield legacy back in 2015, Littlefiekld was the first to sign on to the lawsuit. Recently retired and living in Montana, Littlefield agreed to travel to Austin to testify if the SCV got a preliminary hearing. When notified of the upcoming hearing, Littlefield left a hospital bed in Montana to drive to Texas for the hearing. Littlefield arrived and testified, but only then did counsel discover that Littlefield had just had surgery, as his abdominal wound was oozing blood through his shirt! Like I said – the man was a fighter. Mr Littlefield you will be missed!

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