South Africa’s stupid discovery: Fewer Covid-19 deaths & large numbers GET WELL! – My Comments

I was looking at the stupid news from here in idiotic, black-run South Africa. I don’t think the morons in charge have realised the reality, but the statistics speak for themselves.

I saw in a news report that there were 4 more Covid-19 deaths … but that 1,000 people had RECOVERED!!!!!

So duh! It’s f*cking flu… and it does NOT kill you… like they pretended. Meanwhile the economy has been sent into such a death spiral that they are talking of a partial lockdown starting in 10 days time, because at the rate things are, we are going right over the cliff.

And, NO YOU CANNOT DEFEAT THE FLU WITH QUARANTINE. I was reading in my old 1968 Colliers encyclopedia that it said that quarantine for flu has been largely a FAILURE! Again, in 2020, we’re dumber than in 1968.

Bunch of bloody clowns, fools, idiots and morons running this country. FFS.

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