South Africa’s BLACK JEW Ramaphosa is trying to steal all the PENSIONS of Whites & everyone…

Just a note from a buddy of mine. The black communist, Ramaphosa, who converted to Judaism about 10+ years ago, is trying now to steal ALL THE REMAINING PENSION FUNDS.

Years ago, the ruling party, the ANC, which Ramaphosa is a member of, stole the pension funds of all the railway employees. The South African Railways was one of the finest and most important strategic creations of the white Govt. The Govt looted the entire pension fund and never paid a cent back despite the high court ordering that it be done. (Courts can NEVER force politicians to do anything despite, in theory, and in law, having the power to do it – it NEVER works in practise – not just in South Africa but anywhere in the Western World).

Ramaphosa is now trying to steal ALL pension funds and whites will be the hardest hit.

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