South Africa: Who is behind the Political Party calling for Cape Secession?


[One of my supporters sent me this email questioning who is behind this political party and whether it is a Jew. I think this is a wise line of questioning. If anyone has more info, please let me know. BTW, notice how the “Equality Court” says: “Fuck White People” is NOT hate speech! But what if a White said: Fuck Black People or Fuck Jews? I’ll bet you that would be regarded as Hate Speech! Thanks, Jan]

Hi Jan.
I’ve recently become concerned about this fairly new Cape Party who are calling for secession from the RSA.

I tried to investigate the Leader Jack Miller and his ethnicity.

I didn’t come right there, but he is a renowned businessman in Cape Town and was involved in the bringing a court action against the “Fuck White People” court case involving the Cape Town Gallery, in which the ensuing verdict of the Equality Court ruled, “Fuck white people” does not constitute hate speech.

I don’t know who this bloke, Jack Miler is. He seems to have popped out of nowhere.

In my life’s experience, the name Miller is a well used English name appropriated by the Jew for purposes of obfuscation.

He claims to be a Conservative Libertarian and his party has a membership of 10 000.

He also claims equal rights for all color groups in the North and Western Cape, parts of the Free State and the Eastern Cape.

I’ve a bad gut feeling about this bloke and I’m highly suspicious of him being a Jew shill. I don’t know; alarm bells just started ringing when I read the article in News24.

I tried to go to LinkedIn where he’s listed but my access there has long expired. I do imagine that more info about him can be obtained there.

Why I’m concerned is that he is also promoting the secession of Natal among the Zulu hierarchy and this could be the start of a lot of shit that can go down.

I’ll continue to search around for something but I don’t really have any sources that I can go to.

I thought it pertinent to let you know seeing as you have a wealth of resources and sources and it could be well worth looking into.

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