South Africa: The NEW BREED of White Afrikaans Criminal Fraudsters … doing crime … big time

So what comes after Apartheid, after Jewish Liberalism and black freedom? What do the whites, who prided themselves on being honest, etc turn into?

Well, a few of them become BIG TIME CRIMINALS… and I think a handful of them will break all the records.

This is of course a manifestation of Nietzsche’s WILL TO POWER. I really think this concept of Nietzsche is so deep and so real and so important to understanding all of human, and even to a large degree animal life.

It even allows us to understand the moves between white men and white women, between the young and the old.

So keep an eye open for my posts about big time white criminals … because this is a new thing.

This is a reflection of Will to Power. The Blacks and Jews also have it.

But what makes it dreadful is when you steal from your own people, and the bad bad bad news is that these new white criminals are stealing from their own people.

Unquestionably the BIGGEST scam currently going down, which is ENORMOUS and its possibly even unstoppable is MTI – Mirror Trading International. You won’t believe the scale on which this is working among the whites in SA and a few whites in America and Canada are also involved in this. But the vast majority of desperate people buying into this scam are whites in South Africa.

It does also show that whites need something and they are clutching at any straw in desperation.

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