South Africa: Lock-down anger, crime, Land Seizures & Liberals & VolkStaat (Ethnostate)


Here are a few things I wrote, from a communication to someone else about the state of South Africa:

I am hearing some talk of “economic reform” and even a “Wealth tax” and also warnings of land seizures. I always get the creeps when it comes to land seizures. That bothers me the most. Do you know that they can seize our houses and cars and ANYTHING actually, if they wish?

I think, given the situation, this mother fucker, Ramaphosa piece of shit, should be watched carefully. He is a swine. I don’t trust him at all. Forget what they say about Zuma. Ramaphosa is much more dangerous. And I’m wondering what this piece of crap is going to do with regard to the lockdowns. He is totally destroying the economy.

I saw today that even people in my neighbourhood are making some noises about “end the lockdown now” or we will end it for you. The moron in charge of the DA (Democratic Alliance), I think has said something like this.

My main concern is the seizure of land and bogus “wealth taxes” which will hit the whites.

As a sideline, I hear there is some stupid liberal talk of some coalition, which I suspect is some kind of anti-anc coalition. Ignore such shit. That nonsense is worthless. There are only 2 powers in South Africa: Blacks and Whites. Everything else is just nonsense. Either we work with the blacks, or we split and do our own thing. Which is what I’m in favour of. Anything of substance can ONLY occur during war. All this other nonsense talk amounts to nothing. We need to find ourselves allies. Political ones and ultimately ones whom we can get weapons from. To me, this is the only way to go in the long run.

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