South Africa: Dying from Starvation is more likely than dying from COVID-19

As the economic train hits South Africa, and people begin to see the incredible hit we’re going to take, I was chatting to some of my local supporters. I am concerned by the length of the lockdowns. I’ve read that the black Jewish President, Ramaphosa, is thinking of keeping lockdown until September. Now even if the lockdown is eased up, the damage to the economy is going to be phenomenal. People are only now realising how hard this hit will be.

Furthermore, the USA and Europe will recover from their lockdowns faster than we will – simply because your societies are still white dominated and much more functional. Whereas in Africa, the results could last several years and even decades.

I keep telling folks here that COVID-19 is a fake problem, with an even more FAKE SOLUTION. The real problem are the lockdowns. And I said to them that by the end of the year, I don’t think, between us, that we’ll know of even ONE person who died of COVID. And I think we have a bigger chance of dying from STARVATION than from COVID-19.

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