Video: South Africa 2019: Beginning of the END

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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

[The land issue is the one that bothers me. This could indeed be the beginning of our end. We have about 10 years of struggle ahead, and if we don’t pull our fingers out of our asses, then we could be heading towards the end. We CAN survive without the farms, but it would weaken us whites massively. This is a critical situation. Jan]


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Video & Audio: After Black Revolution, Comes WHITE REVOLUTION!
In this video I discuss Black Revolution. We look at Black Revolution in America and Africa and the role of the Jews as well as that brave American hero, George Lincoln Rockwell, who gave his life trying to save White Americans and trying to save Whites everywhere.Rockwell once made a prediction that After Black Revolution there will be a WHITE REVOLUTION.

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