Social Media Chat: Whites who pretend we were angelic & ate only plants … NO… We are a race of WARRIORS!


This is from a chat on the social media. This was sent to me:

[email protected]_Solar_Macharius

@jlamprecht Many of our people have created a kind of historical fiction in their minds that our ancestors were these angelic beings who would never hurt a fly and we all just ate plants and lived in some kind of hippie utopia.

It’s complete and utter nonsense of the highest order, our ancestors were conquerors, rulers, and builders, we as White men lost our ability to control our own destiny, when we abandoned the concept of what the Romans called Virtus, the highest ideal of masculinity.

This includes aggressiveness, virility, martial vigor, honor, communal obligation, discipline and stoicism.

I responded:

@Lord_Solar_Macharius Brother, now you’re talking. A chap I was chatting to on was also of a similar mindset, re violence. And from our experiences in Africa, there is much I can tell you with regard to exploration, war, settlement, etc. We whites take to this like ducks to water. Whites in North America are the greatest success in this regard. Some in Europe may have forgotten this. But yes. This is what we are. Our civilisations are NOT WEAK. They come from STRENGTH. You see it over and over in our race. We are a people who faced RAW REALITY AND OVERCAME IT. We’re the real Gods of this planet, frankly. I totally agree with your take on the Romans. They were unbelievably determined whites … only the Germans in the time of Hitler came to be the same. And that’s what we must aspire to. Our race is capable of RAW POWER like no other on the planet. Yet here we listen to fucking Jews. That’s pure insanity.

@Lord_Solar_Macharius The point you make about others who pretend we were angelic beings who only ate plants, etc, etc. This is what I’ve referred to, and warned people about as being the “Liberal interpretation of History” and I especially am concerned by this, not only for ancient times but also with respect to Hitler and the Germans. They weren’t madmen. But they also were NEVER WEAK. Whatever life threw at them, they handled it. Our people, our race … we have serious power. Without us even realising it, others FEAR US … but the Jews do NOT fear us enough. Ditto for the blacks. We need to be strong again.

History Reviewed [email protected]

@Lord_Solar_Macharius I just put out the video about the Battle of Blood River. If you get a chance, please watch the last 30 minutes. I do a few analyses: (1) Technology of whites – how it has always worked for us going back centuries and thousands of years (2) Why did the Zulus kill the white leaders and attack the whites in this case? It is very clear, and I discuss this, that the Zulu King realised: THESE WHITE MEN PRESENT AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO THE ZULUS IF LEFT UNCHECKED. We whites do NOT realise, how much others know and fear our success. But we ourselves, downplay this. If we worked like whites of ancient times, we would have scared the living hell out of our enemies. Then you would NEVER see even 1% of the kind of rude behaviour we accept from blacks and Jews. In fact, they would tip toe around us on egg shells and say: Yes Sir, No Sir, Three bags, full SIR!!! One thing I think we did know in Africa, when we ruled, was how to command respect. That is something all white men need to learn. Its very important. Then you can deal with any race. And you do NOT deal with them the ways Liberals and Jews tell you to. You need to go back to the Romans, etc to do this properly.

Race War: Boers Vs Zulus: The Battle of Blood River

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