Sickening: 1st German city where Germans are a minority: Frankfurt – Tomatoes thrown at Merkel


[This sickens and disgusts me.

My first question is this: How many Jews are there in Frankfurt? How many big Jewish businesses are there? Where there are non-whites in number … go looking for the Jews nearby. e.g California, New York, etc.

Do you think that genuine leaders of Germany like Hitler, Goebbels and Goring would have tolerated this disgusting state of affairs? If they were alive today what would they have said about Merkel (whom some of my German friends tell me is a Polish Jewess)? I was very delighted to hear the other day the someone threw a tomato at Merkel which hit her on the hip. Its a minor statement of outrage – and we whites are not allowed to express what we really feel and think. For a German to think he or she has the freedom to say what they really think and believe … well that of course is NOT allowed is it!

Here in South Africa we have Boers who dived hook, line and sinker in with the Jews like former President (utter traitor and weakling) De Klerk. Now his organisations like Afriforum (he gets lots of money from the Jew scum) – well Afriforum pride themselves when they are Liberal and when they kick their own Boers in the face. Afriforum regard it as an act of pride if they kick “white racists” down – that’s how mind f**ked they are. They regard it as a sign of “intelligence”. The Jew has rotted away the brains of the Boer traitors to their own race. That’s how bad it is. Naspers (Nationale Pers – National Press) have the same attitude. My person view is that these “Liberals” are the utmost traitors to their own kind. My personal view is that these sorts of people deserve EXECUTION one day. I can only hope that I live long enough to watch that happy day. But across the entire “Western World” (read: WHITE WORLD) the same thing is happening. The Jews have rotted the minds of whites everywhere.

It is excellent that its taken this long for this to finally get to the Germans. The Jews have tried their utmost to have the Germans wiped out as a nation for almost a century now. So its great that the Germans are only now finally falling apart.

When I see beautiful cities with fabulous skylines like the city of Frankfurt, and I think of how whites are being driven out of the very cities they created, I froth at the mouth. We white people are far too tolerant I tell you. We wait until we are almost destroyed before we make a move. Our problem is not our intolerance but our TOLERANCE, over-tolerance in fact of ideas which are intentionally malicious and which are intended to harm us.

Another problem with Germans, which is a problem for whites EVERYWHERE is that we’re not having babies. Having babies should be one of our highest priorities everywhere. We need white babies FAST at the soonest. In fact I’ve even wondered if there is some kind of support structure we could come up with that will make it easier for whites everywhere to have children and even large families.

When I look at photos of the white men and women in Germany, Europe, Britain and the USA I see nothing wrong with our people. Our people are healthy, the women are attractive and everything is right. The problem is all in our minds and having children should become a No 1 activity for all whites everywhere – an EXTREME HIGH PRIORITY.

We’re losing because we have NOT begun really fighting back – EVERYWHERE. On the social media the other day a white guy posting as “Racial Consciousness” told a Liberal that we whites have not yet begun fighting back. But that will come and when we do you’ll see ALL our enemies running and screaming for their lives.

Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler!! Jan]

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt has become the first German city where Germans are a minority. 51.2% of the city’s inhabitants now have immigrant backgrounds. There are big differences between Germans and immigrants in family structures, where Germans have far fewer children and far more single households for economics and employment.

Meanwhile, the proportion of the poor is twice as high among immigrants, while having a much lower employment rate. Especially immigrant women are less active in the employment market, with 59% in jobs, while 78% of German women work.

The next German cities where Germans are expected to be a minority in the near future are Augsburg and Stuttgart. They will then enter the range of other European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Malmö, Geneva and Brussels, where the ethnic population has been outnumbered.


3 thoughts on “Sickening: 1st German city where Germans are a minority: Frankfurt – Tomatoes thrown at Merkel

  • 30th November 2019 at 10:57 pm

    I found out about and then researched her Jew background about four or five years ago and it’s true, she is a Polish Jew.
    We shouldn’t forget Danzig which was the first to go and now the Poles are the majority if not the only Europeans living there.
    Danzig was the first settlement by Germans in Europe about 500 BC. I don’t hate Poles but this is the truth, and it was their murdering and torture of Germans in the 30’s that triggered WW2.

  • 19th September 2017 at 6:14 pm

    It should have been grenades instead.

  • 19th September 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Merkel is a jew, in the video linked, she addresses the Knesset. She opens her speech by saying something along the lines of “Allow me to address you in my mother tongue, Hebrew” and as you can hear, speaks it.


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