Should the white man be destroyed? – The Roman Empire & the Early Christian Hippies, Rebels & Communists


[I saw some Christians debating in the endless circular fashion that I'm afraid Christianity leads to. So eventually I said some things. This is what I wrote. Jan]

I see Christian debate just goes on in never ending circles … The white man’s mind is logical. This is the basis of everything. Yet, when you apply logic to something that has no logic and has 101 loose ends and internal contradictions, then you can debate until the end of time without reaching an end I’m afraid.

This book by Catherine Nixley sounds really interesting. I did do a bit of reading about the fall of the Roman Empire and Gibbons and what he had to say about Christians. My own view is that the Romans were falling apart internally, and their demise was similar to what is happening in the USA now. In fact, about 200 years before the total collapse of Rome they gave citizenship to everyone. Whatever the errors of the Romans, I read recently, where someone said that the collapse of the Roman Empire was a much more dignified affair than what is happening right now. Whatever the Romans did wrong, they at least managed to survive for much longer. To their credit they lasted longer despite lacking the scientific knowledge we have of DNA, inheritance of IQ, etc. We have all the data we need to support our agenda and fix ourselves. Yet we fly totally in the face of logic and knowledge and science. If anyone is purely INSANE, it is us. Yet, the Romans, lacking that critical knowledge, still will probably have lasted longer than modern Liberal Western civilisation will.

I was reading with interest a letter between a Roman Governor and Emperor where the Governor was asking for advice on how to deal with Christians. He had some executed, but he gave others pardons, etc. Gibbons stated that the Early Christians in Rome, circumcised themselves and they also fled to the Jewish synagogues whenever they were in trouble. Thus, it should be clear that the early Christians in Rome were inextricably linked to the Jews and saw themselves as a type of Jew.

Prior to Christianity, in the Roman Empire there were 165 pagan religions. There was freedom of religion in the Roman Empire, until Christianity came. The early Christians, it seems were akin to the hippies and communists – the garbage of the 1960s. The Romans thus found them to be outrageous and a threat to society. They were very different from all the other Pagans.

My own view is that Christianity was created by the Emperor Constantine in order to try to hold together, in a final desperate attempt, the Roman Empire. It was thus unique in that for the first time ever, a single religion was forced on all of our race. Prior to that we had many varied Pagan religions and there was religious tolerance. Christianity was definitely TOP DOWN, forced on Europe. That is also why, Constantine, embodied various pieces of paganism into it in order to make it acceptable to the Pagans who otherwise would have rejected it.

Also, if you look at how Constantine brought the religion into being, you’ll see that the overwhelming majority of the Christian Bishops/leaders who came to take part in the formulation of Christianity came from the EAST. Thus Christianity is a predominantly non-European religion foisted upon a political/military empire that was mostly European.

Finally, within 200 years of Christianity being forced on everyone, the entire Empire collapses … thus, the experiment FAILED. It did not save Rome.

Hitler himself said in his Table Talk that he did not see any reason why the Roman Legions could not have gone forward and conquered and conquered ad infinitum. But, once Christianity was there, things went backwards fast.

The conquest of Rome was not so much due to the strength of the Germanic barbarians, as it was that Roman men no longer wanted to defend Rome. Men preferred to cut their own thumbs off, so that they would NOT have to fight.

My own view is this: That the Roman Empire, like all the Pagan Empires were heavily dependent on white men being willing to fight and willing to use intense effort in order to defend their state, but that once these Christian Hippie/Communist types got their peacenik thinking into the system, that the system could not survive. It needed very loyal, very determined white men to defend it and the moment this rebellious, peacenik thinking came to the fore, it robbed the Roman Empire of the determination and loyalty needed to hold it up. Thus it collapses. When the Germanic tribes came, the Romans were unable to form armies to actually defend the empire. That is why the Germanics overran them. Christianity robbed the Empire of the loyalty and will to fight that it had always had.

But now, in 2020, we’re heading down the same path. In the same way that South Africa’s white leaders lost the will to rule, and the men in turn were told it was wrong to fight, so too are we heading into a state where I ask the question: Who will defend the USA? Look around you at the Liberal/Jewish world that exists and you’ll see it’s a FEMALE society where everything the white male does is WRONG, and where any exhibition of male dominance and strength is criminal and wrong. Even the Police bend for the BLM… and look at those cops who abandoned their jobs and left? Well, that’s a rerun of Christianity on the Roman Empire, except the labels are: Liberalism and the United States.

We really need a return to hardness and firmness, or we will just stand around and let blacks and others kill us.

The crux of my argument is simply that DEMORALIZATION killed the Roman Empire, and the same thing is happening right now.

But let it be said that the Pagans fought bitterly and determinedly for their states. You can see it clearly in the warfare before Christianity. The levels of battle casualties in Pagan battles far outstripped that of any era of Christianity. White men were extremely determined back then. They put up with pain, suffering and death on a scale unknown to us since the fall of the Roman Empire. Even WW2 casualties are nothing like what the white Pagans were willing to put up with.

It shows me that when white men were determined and motivated they could pack a punch like you’ve never seen, even in the age of the sword. It’s shocking how effective they were.

We have degenerated more and more into a female type of thinking and these Jews play a leading and destructive role in destroying the male and the male’s critical creation: THE STATE.

If we can just get our minds straight, we’ll survive with ease and leave piles and piles of our enemies dead. But weak thinking, will get our race and the efforts of tens of thousands of years of struggle will be lost.

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