Shocker: Total Double Standards in the US Military for Whites Males, Blacks and Females

[Just read this. This is what a retired US Military officer and war Veteran from Vietnam and other wars told me today. Just shocking. The US Military, clearly had extremely high standards for Whites. It's so shocking and sad that disgusting Jews in politics get to tell it who to go and kill. That the US Military is controlled by such a clownlike organisation as the Congress, etc is disgusting. Jan]

While there is nothing wrong with being Moral and Ethical in your daily life, in any fight or struggle you need to do what must be done and you must do it viciously and tenaciously.
For example the Zulu’s were Vicious at Islandwana and the British were Tenacious at Rorke’s Drift. "Never Quit" was something instilled in all soldiers in the Vietnam Era, but quitting now in our sissy Military is acceptable.

Did you know that if you are a White Soldier you get a Dishonorable Discharge if you have ever in your life paid for a Prostitute. But Black Soldiers can use prostitutes all you want with no consequences because "We have to respect Black Culture." This creates friction between the troops and makes our Military Weak. A Female Soldier that Commits Adultery is no big deal. A male get Prison time (3-5 years) and a Dishonorable Discharge. I had 2 sons in the Army 2011-2019. They would not speak casually to any Female Soldier and refused to be alone with one. They ONLY communicated Official Business with Females.

They were in Military Intelligence so they did not have many Black Troops in their units.

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