Shocker! Ghislane Maxwell and Jewish pedophile Epstein were in Buckingham Palace – Hobnobbed with the QUEEN???


I was astounded to see photos of Ghislaine Maxwell in Buckingham palace!! It is in the photos that relate to the trial she is currently undergoing. And it seems she and Epstein personally hobnobbed with the Queen of England. I draw that conclusion because there is a photo of the Queen at one of her places and it seems to have been taken, personally by Maxwell.

This is something we need to watch more. I am just astounded that this Jew pedophile was moving around that high.

How high did this bastard go and who else did he hobnob with?

This is something to dig into more.

Maxwell herself seems to have been his girlfriend and in a relationship with him and the under age girls and sex and orgies seem to have been to pleasure him.

Truly these people are garbage. Just pure filth. And it tells you something that they got to the Palace and perhaps even dealt face to face with the Queen of England.

This entire bunch of Jewish garbage is just astounding.

But personally I feel that despite this coming out, THERE IS MUCH WORSE STUFF THAT IS HIDDEN and that the most damaging testimonies have been removed.

So this is something of a show trial and it’s minor compared to what could truly have come out.

But, it does give us small peeks into the insane things the Jew pedophile got up to.

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