SHOCKER: 35 million people being vaccinated against COVID EVERY DAY!!! – But there’s good news!


I was looking at an article about China, and the dumb retarded Communist Chinese are vaccinating a lot of people every day.

So it turns out that WORLDWIDE, including China, 35 million people are being vaccinated DAILY!
Imagine, every week 245 million people are being vaccinated worldwide!

But, here’s the good news. The Chinese are vaccinating 20 million per DAY!

So that means 140 million Chinese are being vaccinated weekly… whereas the whole world is only vaccinating 105 million!!!

So the Communist retards are the ones engaging in the biggest experimentation … on themselves! Hehehehehe.

However, the news gets better. Chinese vaccines are being rolled out across the world, despite questions being asked. However, in a highly respected Science journal, I was reading that Chinese vaccines are waning in effectiveness!! Hehehehe.

The evidence continues to roll in that:-

  1. Natural Immunity is the BEST IMMUNITY.

  2. COVID would be stopped dead in it’s tracks using … Vitamin D – Which powers your IMMUNE SYSTEM. (I learned this from a German doctor who saved my life).

I noticed the Chinese, here in South Africa, are PETRIFIED of COVID. Petrified. Hehehehe.

We live in a VERY FRAGILE JEWISH WORLD … TEAR THIS MOTHER DOWN and you’ll see how wonderful life is for us Whites.

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