S.Africa: The NIGHTMARE is back! – The Black Jew Ramaphosa will ram through Land Seizure without paying Whites


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[The Jewish snake is back. This is from an article about changes that Ramaphosa is bringing to South Africa. These Blacks are saying that now they will just use their majority in parliament to change the constitution and to thereby give themselves the power to seize land without having to pay for it! This is a nightmare. Jan]

Land expropriation

Ramaphosa said that the ruling party also plans to move forward on its plans to introduce land expropriation without compensation in 2022.

This, despite the party failing in late 2021 to secure the necessary Parliamentary votes from opposition parties to amend section 25 of the Constitution, the BER said.

“The land reform process that we need to embark upon will promote economic development for the benefit of all. The ANC will implement its resolution on the expropriation of land without compensation despite the refusal of other parties in Parliament,” he said.

The ANC scrapped plans to change the constitution to make it easier for the state to take land without paying for it after failing to secure sufficient backing from the opposition and will now resort to using regular legislation to facilitate the process.

“Changing the constitution was just one instrument we could have used,” justice minister Ronald Lamola said in December. “The matter is now ended. We will now use our simple majority to pass laws that will allow for expropriation without compensation.”

Source: https://businesstech.co.za/news/government/549578/two-big-changes-planned-for-south-africa-in-2022-ramaphosa/

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