S.Africa: MASSIVE VIOLENCE: Zuma’s arrest: Zuma supporters caused MASSIVE DESTRUCTION…

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I saw some photos earlier today, about some of what has gone on regarding the arrest of Zuma. Blacks engaged in lots of violence and were destroying trucks and causing mayhem. One of my friends told me that he knows Whites who own transport businesses, and they have taken MASSIVE LOSSES from the destruction of their vehicles.

I said to him that if you want to change people’s minds then let violence come to their doorstep. Nothing will wake the Whites up like seeing their property being destroyed.

I see that according to new news reports that now there is new violence after the arrest of Zuma.

According to my information, Zuma was snatched very quickly and unexpectedly. He NEVER HANDED HIMSELF IN. Instead, Police and his own security people (who work for the government) were all working together and they snatched him quickly and unexpectedly. (I suspect Whites played an important role in all of this because in the Police and security sectors there are still some Whites left). Anyway, they nabbed him quickly, and then later it was said that he handed himself over.

So that seems to have caught him and his supporters off guard.

But they’re probably now regrouping and going on the attack.

Most of this violence seems to be in Natal where he lives because he’s a Zulu.

Zuma has in the past been able to cause a lot of violence and in a sense, he, like most of the ANC elite are above the law. He is also supported by the Communist Veterans of the ANC’s MK.

Anyway, so we will be treated to Blacks destroying infrastructure and damaging vehicles on a massive scale, and perhaps there might even be some killings. AND ALL OF THIS IS DUE TO BLACK POLITICAL NONSENSE.

This is due to in-fighting in the ANC itself between Zuma and the Jewish controlled Ramaphosa faction.

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