S.Africa: Angry message about Super Rich White Rupert and his Jewish and NWO pals

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In 2017, in this article I pointed out how much nonsense is being written in the White Right about Putin being some kind of saviour of the White Race. I pointed out his links to Jews. Putin is a Jew-friendly Russian ruler. Since then I‘ve discovered even more data to support this.

[This is a message that is doing the rounds on social media among Whites. I don't know who wrote this. The Ruperts hated Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the finest man to ever rule South Africa. Jan]

This is the message:

Johann Rupert connects to David Rockefeller and Rothschilds , Nicky Oppenheimer connects to Rothschilds, Trevor Manuel and Maria Ramos connects to Rothschilds and Johann Rupert, Maria Ramos and Koos Bekker connects to Vatican. Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa connects to Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum. Patrice Motsepe connects to Cyril Ramaphosa and Johann Rupert. Patrice Motsepe, Koos Bekker and Johann Rupert connects to Bill Gates. Bill Gates, Patrice Motsepe and David Rockefeller all part of Giving Pledge. Bill Gates connects to Rockefellers. Rockefellers connect to Rothschilds and Carnegie they connect to Mamphela Ramphele connecting to Nelson Mandela Foundation back to Patrice Motsepe, George Soros, Bill Gates, Maria Ramos, Koos Bekker, Johann Rupert, Bill Clinton and David Rockefeller……. We have all been Deceived by the Deep State for too long . They took something that belonged to all South Africans now we will take something that belonged to them. They will regret ever messing with South Africans

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