Russia’s northernmost, Whitest city – founded by Vikings: Veliky Novgorod – also Jewish Khazars


I was listening to a show done in 2009 by a Russian, who sounds very American to me. But he’s written books on Russian medieval history. I was interested in the role of the Mongols in Russia. My knowledge of Russian history is poor, and my knowledge of Asian history is even worse. I’m trying to grasp and understand more about Europeans and our role in various places.

One such place is Russia, which, to the best of my estimates and information from others, seems to be about 60% European and definitely strongly dominated by Europeans in it’s history.

The city of Novogorod was apparently the most European town/city in Russia at the time the Mongols invaded. It seems to even have Viking links. It was also quite wealthy and did a lot of trading with the Hanseatic league which was an economic trading arrangement that was dominated by the Dutch and Germans.

I found it interesting to hear about Novgorod, and thought it deserved a mention.

If some of you know of good books or videos where the role of Europeans in Russian history is well described, I’ll be interested. It’s not a high priority, But I’m slowly trying to understand the Eurasian land mass.

Interestingly it was mentioned that the Khazars, whom we know are the "Ashkenazi Jews", were a Turkic people.

The Jews definitely have some Asiatic weirdness in them.

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