Ron Paul says: Facebook banning free speech will lead people to find alternative platforms – My Comments


[This is exactly what I have been thinking and hoping. YES! Let new platforms arise! Yay! To hell with these Jewish controlled Social Media. I really like Paul's faith in technology. I am a firm believer that technology is the answer all the way. WHITES LEARN TECHNOLOGY especially that relating to the Internet. Jan]

There’s also a video at this link where you can watch it:

Amid the wide blackouts of social media accounts in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots, some people have been caught in the crossfire, including former US Congressman Ron Paul.

He joins Boom Bust to describe his temporary ban from Facebook and what dangers the moves could have, if any, on free speech.

“The whole thing was anti-American for that matter. Intimidation and all of a sudden challenging of what we are doing,” he says. "I’m still optimistic that technology is going to come along, and there’s going to be alternatives; stations still do exist that allow us to speak, like your station.”

The former representative says people need to just wake up. “I think it’s an incentive for people to look for alternatives. I don’t know technology but I’m a believer in technology. And I believe that people that are aware of what’s going on will develop technology that will be available to an individual like myself, so that we can have the safety and security of expressing ourselves.”


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