Roman Empire Vs Jewry: Britain’s incredible levels of Jew Infestation – The British Royal Family is neck deep in Jewish shit…


[This was a comment from a reader. I can't remember which writer wrote it, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to determine if the British Royal Family was totally Jewish or not. I eventually concluded that a certain researcher said it best when he said the British Royal Family is 50% Jewish. The British Elite, the "Lords and Ladies" are also heavily Jew-infested. The British, especially the English, are so high that the average Englishman CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIMSELF AND A JEW. I suspect the minds of the Royal Family are totally fried with Jewish ideas. All that "trader level" mentality has so infused the British that it makes up the fundamental basis of all thinking. European and continental thinking remains more nationalist and closer to racialist. But the Anglo-American thinking is totally TRADER BASED. You can see it in all the ways in which they think and express themselves. They have totally debased the lessons of the Pagans and Romans, which is what Hitler was RIGHTLY returning to – which is far superior. Far superior. When we return to the Roman way of thought we'll have new levels of success never seen before. We are essentially looking at the Roman Empire Vs Jewry. That is it in a nutshell. Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:

The Royal family is neck deep in Jewish shit. You have the Queen who is totally “Handled” by a Jew infested government, Charles who received Jewish circumcised penis treatment by a dick sucking Rabbi, grandsons William and Harry by different fathers born of a Jewish mother, William now married to a Jew, Harry to a half nigger in an arraigned marriage.

You just can’t make this shit up without choking on the laughter!!

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